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This question asked in [CBSE Outside Delhi Set I, 2020]

Fill in the blanks in the paragraph given below by choosing the most appropriate options from the  ones that follow. Write the answers in your answer-sheet against the correct blank numbers.

Reading books      1    . a good hobby. Books open       2     . vast new world to us. They increase           

   3     . knowledge and change our outlook     4    . the World.

1.(A) has (B) was (C) are (D) is 

2.(A) the (B) a (C) an (D) some

3.(A) his (B) one's (C) our (D) your 

4.(A) towards (B) for (C) by (D) from



  1. (B) is
  2. (D) a
  3. (C) our
  4. (A) towards
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