This question asked in [CBSE Delhi Set - I, 2020]

The following paragraph has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Write the error along  with its correction in the space provided.

Error   Correction

Tallam is situated in an                              1.  _______ _______ 

altitude of about 550 feet on a Southern   2.  _______ _______ 

arm of a deep Bay of the Western Ghats. 3.  _______ _______ 

Tallam boasts of delight Forest Scenery.   4.  _______ _______ 

1.(A) at (B) on (C) of (D) onto 

2.(A) an (B) the (C) a (D) that 

3.(A) of (B) off (C) in (D) on 

4.(A) delighted (B) lighted (C) delightful (D) None of the these


  • In - ”In” is a preposition which usually tells about the position of an object which is placed inside something and is not used with height. So, with height, the correct word is “at” .
  • A - “A” is used when something is not specified but when something is clearly specified we use ‘the’. . So, the correct word is “the”
  • Of- “Of” is used when something belongs to someplace or someone but a location does not belong to something rather it is placed inside ’. So, the correct word is “ in”.
  • Delight- “Delight” is a verb but with scenery it is used as an adjective. So, the correct word is “delightful”.


Thus, the correct answer is

  Error  Correction 
1 in (B) at
2 a (B) the
3 of (C) in
4 delight (C) delightful
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