This question asked in [CBSE Outside Delhi Set - II, 2017]

The following paragraph has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Write the error and its  correction as shown in the example.  

Error     Correction 

Being with her give One a                  give       gave 

new kind on energy. When she    1.   ___         ___ 

put his hand on your head            2.   ___        ___ 

to blessed you or you touched      3.   ___        ___ 

her you can feel her love.             4.    ___        ___ 

1. (A) in (B) off (C) of (D) as 

2. (A) him (B) her (C) she (D) your 

3. (A) bless (B) blessing (C) blest (D) blesses 

4. (A) would (B) may (C) might (D) could



  Error  Correction 
1 on (C) of
2 his (B) her
3 blessed (A) bless
4 can (D) could



  1. On- ”On” is a preposition which usually tells about the position of an object/human which is situated or kept above a certain object and energy is not situated on anything. So, the correct word is “of”.
  2. His- “His” is the pronoun used with masculine gender and the passage talks about a female (feminine). So, the correct word is “ her”.
  3. Blessed- “Blessed” is the past tense of the verb and is used when an event has already occurred in the past. So, the correct word is “bless”.
  4. Can- “Can” is the first form of the verb and the passage is in the third form  (past participle) form of the verb. So, the correct word is “could”.

Thus, the correct paragraph is

Being with her gave One a

new kind of energy. When she

put her  hand on your head

to bless  you or you touched

her you could feel her love.

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