This question asked in [CBSE Delhi Set - III, 2019]

The following paragraph has not been edited. There is an error in each line.

Write the error along with  its correction in the space provided. (Do any four.)

Error   Correction 

More than two-thirds in the World’s                in           of 

large Cities are on areas sensitive             1. ___         ___ 

over Global warming and rising Sea level. 2.  ___        ___ 

Millions of people face a risk                      3.  ___        ___ 

of being swamp by Floods                         4.  ___        ___ 

and Storms according to a study. 

1.(A) on (B) of (C) for (D) in 

2.(A) too (B) to (C) with (D) off

3.(A) an (B) the (C) related (D) to

4.(A) swamps (B) swamping (C) swamped (D) swamp



  Error  Correction 
1 on (D) in
2 over (B) to
3 a (B) the
4 swamp (C) swamped



  1. On - ”On” is a preposition which usually tells about the position of an object which are situated or kept above a certain object and “cities” do not lie above such objects. So, with cities, the correct word is “in” .
  2. Over - “Over” is used when someone crosses a certain object or situation. Cities are not sensitive over natural processes or calamities but are sensitive to them. So, the correct word is “to” . (Change to be made in the spelling on website)
  3. A- “A” is used when one is uncertain/unsure about the risk that he/she will be facing. Here, the risk is certain i.e. ‘risk of getting swamped by floods’. So, the correct word is “ the”.
  4. Swamp- With ‘being’ only the third form (past participle) of the verb is used. So, the correct word is “swamped”.

Thus, the correct paragraph is

More than two-thirds of the World’s            

large Cities are in areas sensitive   

to Global warming and rising Sea level. 

Millions of people face the risk     

of being swamped by Floods 

and Storms according to a study. 

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