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This question asked in [CBSE Delhi Set - II, 2017]

The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the error and its  correction as shown in the example.

Error   Correction 

We, there in India have so many                there        here 

religions, we ate so many different                 1.     ___  ___ 

foods, we wear so much different                   2.     ___  ___ 

kinds of dresses. Still we are much                  3.    ___  ___ 

united than any other Country on the World.   4.   ___   ___ 

1.(A) eaten (B) eating (C) eat (D) eats 

2.(A) most (B) more (C) many (D) few 

3.(A) most (B) more (C) many (D) few 

4.(A) of (B) at (C) in (D) up



  Error  Correction 
1 ate (C) eat
2 much (C) many
3 much (B) more
4 on (C) in



  1. Ate- “Ate” is the second form (past) of the verb and not used when we are talking in present tense. So, the correct word is “eat”.
  2. Much- “Much” is used when we are talking about the quantity of objects such as rice which cannot be measured individually (it is impossible to count  single grains of rice) and not with humans or objects whose quantity can be measured individually. So, the correct word is “many”.
  3. Much- “ Much” is not used as a degree of comparison. So, the correct word is “more”.
  4. On- ”On” is a preposition which usually tells about the position of an object/human which is situated or kept above a certain object and one does not live on the world. So, the correct word is “in”

Thus, the correct paragraph is

We, here in India have so many

religions, we eat so many different

foods, we wear so many different

kinds of dresses. Still we are more

united than any other Country in the World.

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