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This question asked in [CBSE Outside Delhi Set III, 2016]

Complete the paragraph given below with the help of options that follow:

Most Indian schools fail to ensure their students adequate playtime and fitness regime. Two out  of every five school going children      1     . have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and 50%      2     . adequate lower body strength. Some schools      3     . found to offer three or   

   4    . physical  education periods per week

1. (A) does (B) does not (C) don’t (D) do 

2. (A) lack (B) lacked (C) have lacked (D) had lacked 

3. (A) was (B) are (C) is (D) have 

4. (A) much (B) many (C) more (D) less



  1. (C) don’t
  2. (A) lack
  3. (B) are
  4. (C) more

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