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This question asked in [CBSE Delhi/Outside Delhi Set I, 2018]

Fill in any four of the blanks in the paragraph given below with the help of options that follow: 

The modern Student     1    . the importance     2    . physical exercise. He spends one to two  hours in open air     3    . he takes part in different Sports. However, care should     4    . not to  overstrain     5    . body.

1.(A) understood (B) understand (C) have understand (D) understands 

2.(A) of (B) by (C) from (D) with 

3.(A) how (B) which (C) where (D) why 

4.(A) be taken (B) took (C) takes (D) has taken 

5.(A) a (B) an (C) the (D) some



  1. (D) understands
  2. (A) of
  3. (C) where
  4. (A) be taken
  5. (C) the

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