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Question 1

When were Reforms introduced in Pakistan




Question 2

How did Pakistan perform Pre and Post Reforms

Pakistan actually performed worse after Reforms

Before Reforms

In 1970-80

Pakistan's GDP Growth Rate was better than India (6.3% of Pakistan compared to 5.7% of India)



After Reforms

Pakistan growth rate declined to 5.3%




Main Reason for Slow Growth of Pakistan's Economy

1. Volatile Performance of Agricultural Sector

Pakistan is an agrarian economy which is highly dependent on monsoon

During the years of good harvest, Pakistan's economy performed well

However during bad season, Pakistan economy suffered stagnation or negative trend


2. Lack of Industrial and Service Sector Growth

Pakistan has not been able to improve its industrial sector and make it internationally competitive

Hence, there is very less export of manufactured goods from Pakistan (like in case of China)

Also, it has not developed its IT Sectors (there is very little export of IT Services like in case of India)


3. Growing Dependence on Foreign Loans

Main Source of foreign exchange in Pakistan is not exports

It is from Pakistani workers sending remittance from Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE)

Also Pakistan had to frequently borrow large sum of money from China and USA

Due to high interest burden, it has not been able to prosper


4. Lack of Political Stability

There are frequent military's coups in Pakistan

Due to this, it has not been able to receive foreign investment which was necessary for its growth



NCERT Questions

Question 13

Group the following features pertaining to the economies of India, China and Pakistan under three heads

  1. One-child norm
  2. Low fertility rate
  3. High degree of urbanization
  4. Mixed economy
  5. Very high fertility rate
  6. Large population
  7. High density of population
  8. Growth due to manufacturing sector
  9. Growth due to service sector.
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Question 14

Give reasons for the slow growth and re-emergence of poverty in Pakistan.

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Question 1

How did Pakistan perform Pre and Post Reforms

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Before Reforms (1970-80) Before Reforms (1970-80)After Reforms (in 1988) GDP Growth Rate 6.3% GDP Growth Rate 5.3% After Reforms GDP Growth Actually Declined due to Volatile Performance of Agricultural Sector Lack of Industrial and Service Sector Growth Growing Dependence on Foreign Loans Lack of Political Stability (Too much dependent on Monsoon) (Products not Internationally competitive) (Low foreign exchange on Export) (Too many military coups, Govt change)

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