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What is meaning of Occupational Structure?

It means distribution of Occupations in a society on basis of Sector, skill level etc


Suppose an economy has 50 lacs people, how many are working in agriculture,industry,service sector etc


What was Occupational Structure of India during British Rule?

During British Rule,Vast Majority of People were working in Agriculture Sector

Very less people in Manufacturing and Service Sector

Sector Name  % of Workforce
Agriculture 70%-75%
Manufacturing 10%
Service 15%-20%

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Regional Variation

In Some areas of India, there was decline in dependence for Agriculture and Increase in Manufacturing and Other Sectors


Madras Presidency (Tamil Nadu, Kerela, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh)



However, in other areas dependence on Agriculture increased





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NCERT Questions

Question 12

Highlight the salient features of India’s pre-independence occupational structure.

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MCQ Other Books

Question 1

In the following questions, select the correct answers:

___ was the main source of livelihood for most of the people during the colonial rule.

  1. Industries
  2. Agriculture
  3. Both A and B
  4. Neither A nor B
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Question 2

Occupational Structure refers to

  1. Distribution of working force among the different occupations
  2. Nature of different occupations
  3. Size of working force in a country
  4. Number of people living in a country
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Question 3

Match the items in column A to that of Column B and choose the correct option:

Column A  Column B  
1. Agricultural Sector’s share in  workforce   (a) 10%  
2. Workforce in manufacturing  sector (b) 16%
3. Population living in rural areas (c) 75%
4. Literacy rate (d) 72%
  1. 1 – (a)
  2. 2 – (b)
  3. 3 – (c)
  4. 4 – (d)
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Occupational Structure of Britsh India (Distribution of Occupations in India during British Rule ) Agriculture Sector Manufacturing Sector Service Sector 70-75% of Workforce 10% of Workforce 15-20% of Workforce Majority of Population lived in village Engaged in Agriculture Engaged in Agriculture Small Percentage of Population lived in Cities Engaged in Manufacturing & Service Sector Regional Variation in Occupational Structure Different Areas or States Difference Or Change Distribution of Occupation Different Occupational Structure in Different States of India Agriculture Sector Manufacturing Sector Service Sector Dependence on Agriculture increased in Orissa Rajasthan Punjab Dependence on these Sectors Increased in: Madras Presidency Bombay Bengal

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