How are water and minerals transported in plants?


Water and Minerals are transported in plants by the Xylem .


  • The roots of a plant have hair called root hairs .
  • These root hairs absorb water and minerals from soil since these are directly in contact with the film of water in between the soil particles.
  • Water gets into the root hair by the process of diffusion .
  • These minerals and water absorbed by root hair pass from cell to cell by osmosis through the epidermis, root cortex, endodermis and reach the root xylem.
  • The pressure at the top of the xylem vessels is lowered whereas the pressure at the bottom of the xylem vessels remains high.
  • Due to this, the water flows up the xylem vessels into the leaves, where it leaves by transpiration .


  1. Class 10
  2. Chapter 6 Class 10 - Life Processes (Term 1)

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