What is the function of digestive enzymes?


The function of digestive enzymes is to speed up the process of digestion. Many enzymes are involved, and show different functions :-

  1. Salivary Amylase - This enzyme is released in the mouth inside saliva . It helps in the chemical digestion of carbohydrates in the form of starch to sugars .
  2. Pepsin - This enzyme is released in the stomach's gastric juice along with HCl and Mucus.HCl provides an acidic pH to activate the enzyme and breaks down proteins present in food to smaller molecules.
  3. Pancreatic Amylase - This enzyme is present in the Pancreas. It is released in the small intestine and causes further breakdown of starch in the food.
  4. Trypsin - This enzyme is also found in the pancreas, and is r eleased in the small intestine . It catalyses breakdown of proteins.
  5. Lipase - This is also present in Pancreas, and is r eleased in the small intestine . This enzyme causes emulsification of fats - increasing the surface area of fats in the small intestine by grouping them into small clusters.




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