Read the given passage and answer any of the four  questions from (a) to (e).  

Sanjana is suffering from frequent stomach pain  and vomiting. She went to the Doctor. The doctor  asked her to go for an ultrasound. In the report, a  stone was found in her gallbladder. Doctor asked  her to remove the gallbladder by operation. But  she was reluctant to go for the operation.   

(a) The role played by gallbladder in human body is  

(i) To store bile 

(ii) To secrete bile  

(iii) To emulsify fats 

(iv) To digest fats  



Gall bladder is a small organ beneath the liver that stores bile juice produced by the liver.

Gallbladder - Teachoo-01.jpg

Therefore the correct answer  is (i) Gallbladder stores bile.

(b) Removal of gallbladder  

(i) affects the person's health  

(ii) Has no effect on the person’s health  

(iii) Effects the secretion of bile  

(iv) Effects the digestion of proteins  



  • Bile helps in digesting fat
  • Now, Gallbladder only stores bile
  • But, Liver secretes Bile
  • So, removing Gallbladder would not have any effect on digestion


Thus, we can say that, The removal of the gallbladder has no effect on a person's health.

So, the correct answer is (ii) 


(c) Which of the following statements is correct about bile?  

(i) It helps in emulsification of fat.  

(ii) It helps in digestion of carbohydrates  

(iii) It helps in absorption of digested food.  

(iv) It helps in egestion of undigested food.  



Bile juice helps in breaking down fat into smaller units. This is known as emulsification of fats.


Emulsification- Teachoo-01.jpg

So, the correct option is (i) It helps in emulsification of fat. 


(d) Which part of the alimentary canal receives bile from  the liver?  

(i) Stomach 

(ii) Small intestine  

(iii) Large intestine 

(iv) Oesophagus 



Bile is dark green or a yellowish brown fluid  which is used to break down fat into smaller units, which takes place in the small intestine. 

Bile directly goes to small Intestine - Teachoo-01.jpg

So, the correct option is (ii) Small intestine


(e) What is the function of bile salt in the intestine?  

(i) Activator of lipase  

(ii) Emulsifier  

(iii) Cofactor of cholesteryl esterase  

(iv) Inhibitor of lipid absorption  



  • Bile contains bile salts, cholesterol, water, bile acids
  • Here, Bile Salt is the major component of Bile.
  • Bile salts break down large globules of fats into smaller globules increasing the efficiency of enzyme action.  
  • This action is known as emulsification .  

Emulsification- Teachoo-01.jpg

So, the correct answer is (ii) emulsifier

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