The given diagram is of a human digestive system.  Study the diagram and answer any of the four  questions from (a) to (e).  

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(a) Which of these correctly represent the labels B, C,  D and E?  

(i) B- Oesophagus, C- Liver, D- Stomach, E- Pancreas  

(ii) B- Pancreas, C- Oesophagus, D- Liver, EStomach  

(iii) B- Stomach, C- Pancreas, D- Oesophagus, ELiver  

(iv) B- Liver, C- Stomach, D- Pancreas, EOesophagus  



Human Digestive Tract-01.jpg

Hence the correct answer is:

(i) B- Oesophagus, C- Liver, D- Stomach, E- pancreas

(b) The secretion that is released by label C is:  

(i) Bile 

(ii) Pepsin  

(iii) Saliva 

(iv) Gastric juice  



Label C represents liver

  • Liver secretes bile , which is stored in gallbladder. So, this will be correct


Let’s also check the other options

  • Pepsin enzyme is released by stomach cells .
  • Saliva is secreted by the salivary glands  
  • Gastric juices are secreted by stomach cells


So the correct answer is (i) Bile


(c) How does it help in fat digestion?  


Role of bile in fat digestion: 

(i) It makes the acidic food alkaline to facilitate the action of enzyme lipase on it. 

(ii) Bile salts break down fats present in  food into small globules for enzymes to act.  


(d) The digestion of food starts in   

(i) A 

(ii) D  

(iii) E 

(iv) F  



Human Digestive Tract-01.jpg

Digestion starts from the mouth . So,the correct answer is (i) - A



The mouth has teeth and tongue , which break food into smaller particles and mix saliva with food. Salivary glands in the mouth secrete saliva which contains salivary amylase . It helps in breaking down starch into sugar 

Beginning of the digestive tract-01.jpg

(e) In case of diarrhoea, which major process does not  take place normally in region F?  

(i) Absorption of food  

(ii) Absorption of water  

(iii) Secretion of hormones  

(iv) Removal of waste material  



Human Digestive Tract-01.jpg

  • Region F is Large intestine
  • Large intestine absorbs water from the digested food.



  • Diarrhoea is a condition characterised by loose watery stools
  • It means that there is extra water in the bowels.  
  • Thus, we can say that Absorption of water is not occurring normally in Large Intestine


So, the correct answer is (ii)


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