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Which is the correct sequence of air passage during inhalation?

(A) Nostrils larynx pharynx trachea lungs

(B) Nasal passage trachea pharynx larynx alveoli

(C) larynx nostrils pharynx lungs

(D) Nostrils pharynx larynx trachea alveoli



The passage of air through the human respiratory system starts from the nostrils.  

  • The air then moves through the pharynx and larynx to reach the trachea .
  • The trachea divides into 2 smaller branches, inside the lungs , called the bronchi which further divide into smaller branches called bronchioles
  • Each bronchi at its end has several balloon like structures called alveoli that facilitate in the exchange of gases between the blood and air in the lungs. 

The Respiratory System-01.jpg

(d) Nostrils pharynx larynx trachea alveoli

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