Which is the correct sequence of parts in the human alimentary canal?

(A) Mouth → stomach → small intestine → oesophagus → large intestine

(B) Mouth →oesophagus → stomach → large intestine → small intestine

(C) Mouth → stomach → oesophagus → small intestine → large intestine

(D) Mouth → oesophagus → stomach → small intestine → large intestine



  • The human alimentary canal starts from the mouth where we ingest food from. 
  • Breakdown of food into smaller particles and starch into simpler sugar takes place in the mouth. 
  • The oesophagus carries the food into the stomach.
  • The stomach releases gastric juices to facilitate breakdown of nutrients like proteins into smaller molecules (amino acids) .
  • The food then enters the small intestine where bile and pancreatic enzymes act on the food to breakdown carbohydrates and fats into fatty acids and glycerol .
  • These are absorbed by villi in the small intestine walls.
  • The food then goes to the large intestine which absorbs water and fibre and the remaining food goes to the anus to be excreted as waste .

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Thus, the correct sequence of parts in human alimentary canal is 

(d) Mouth → oesophagus → stomach → small intestine → large intestine

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