Which of the following salts does not contain water of crystallisation?

(A) Blue vitriol

(B) Baking soda

(C) Washing soda

(D) Gypsum



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Water of crystallisation is the amount of water molecules present in a unit of salt


From the given options, let’s check out their formula

  • Blue vitriol i.e. CuSO 4 .5H 2 O has 5 water of crystallization
  • Baking soda i.e. NaHCO 3 has no water of crystallisation
  • Washing soda i.e. Na 2 CO 3 .10H 2 O has 10 water of crystallization
  • Gypsum i.e. CaSO 4 .2H 2 O has 2 water of crystallisation


Among the following options, only baking soda does not contain water of crystallisation

So, the correct option is (b) Baking soda

  1. Class 10
  2. Chapter 2 Class 10 - Acids, Bases and Salts (Term 1)

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