List five things you have done over the last one week to —

(a) conserve our natural resources.

(b) increase the pressure on our natural resources.



(a) conserve our natural resources.

The five things I have done over the last one week to conserve natural resources are

  • Saved electricity - By switching off the electrical appliances when not in use
  • Saved wastage of water - By using bucket for bathing rather than using a shower
  • Save petrol/diesel - By travelling by public transport rather than using private vehicle
  • Used solar energy to cook food -  By using solar cooker to cook food rather than using LPG
  • Replaced ordinary bulbs with energy efficient LEDs - Replacing high energy consuming bulbs by energy efficient LEDs


(b) increase the pressure on our natural resources

  • Used air conditioner - Air conditioners use a lot of electricity and also affects the climate. 
  • Used a cab to travel a short distance - This lead to use of petrol/diesel when i could have travelled by foot.
  • Left the tap open while brushing teeth - This lead to wastage of water
  • Forgot to switch off the television before going to bed - This lead to wastage of electricity
  • Used only one side of paper - This leads to wastage of paper which is formed by cutting trees. 

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