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All the things which are available in nature which can be used are called Natural Resources


So,different types of Natural Resources are

  • Sun
  • Water
  • Air
  • Soil
  • Minerals
  • Forests
  • Wildlife



Different Types of Natural Resources

Natural resources can be either Renewable Natural Resources, or Non-Renewable Natural Resources



Renewable Natural Resources

Those Natural Resources which can be used again and again are called Renewable Natural Resources. They can be replaced or replenished

Example - Sun, Water, Plants, Animals


Sun and air are present in abundance in the Nature.

And, we can grow more plants.

Similar, the animals can reproduce.


Non-Renewable Natural Resources

Those Natural Resources which cannot be replaced once they are used are called Non-Renewable Natural Resources.

Example - Fossil Fuels, Minerals


Both fossil fuels and minerals take thousands of years to form again. So, once used, they cannot be used again. Therefore, they are non-renewable 

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