Let’s see a few definitions first:


A large area of land where trees and other plants grow naturally is called a forest.

The wild animals and birds living in a forest are called w ildlife


Forests are used as

  • Forests provides an ecosystem of various life forms like bacteria, fungi, plants, insects, birds, reptiles, mammals

  • Forests prevent soil erosion and floods. The roots of the trees bind the soil and prevent them from getting washed away.

  • Forests improve soil fertility . The fallen leaves of trees become humus after decomposition. Thus, forests add more nutrients to the soil.

  • Trees in the Forest help regulate climate. They absorb water from the ground and evaporate it through their leaves. Thus, it helps in keeping the weather cool as well as in formation of rain.

  • Forests help in purifying the air. They take in Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere and convert it into Oxygen.

  • Forests provides us with fruits , nuts, medicines, essential oils

  • Forests purify water. Forests absorb rainwall and slowly releases it in the soil. The soil filters the water naturally from where it is released to nearby lakes, rivers and reservoirs.

  • Forests are a source of recreation and tourism. Forest areas attract a large amount of tourism where people hike, camp and enjoy.

  • Wood from forests is used to make furniture

  • Wood is also used as a fuel for cooking and heating

  • Pulp from wood is used to make paper


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