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Using the Natural Resources effectively and controlling the natural resources so as to avoid their wastage is called Management of Natural Resources.


Due to increase in human population, the demand for resources is increasing. So, we need to conserve our resources to maintain ecological balance and save them to fulfill the needs of future generations.


Why do we need to Conserve our Natural Resources?


We need to conserve our Natural Resources because

  • To preserve the ecological balance
  • To ensure future generations have access to these resources
  • To preserve biodiversity
  • A wide range of materials used in our day-to-day life is made from Natural Resources. So, we to fulfill these needs, we need to use our natural resources judiciously


Conservation of Resources also supports local economies as people will come for tourism


What do we mean by Sustainable Development?

The development which meets the current basic human needs, and preserves the needs of future generations is called sustainable development.


That is why we say, we need to use our Natural Resources so as to ensure Sustainable Development.


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