Which of the following are environment-friendly practices?

(a) Carrying cloth-bags to put purchases in while shopping

(b) Switching off unnecessary lights and fans

(c) Walking to school instead of getting your mother to drop you on her scooter

(d) All of the above



(d) All of the above



  • If we carry cloth-bags to put purchases while shopping, we can minimise the use of plastic bags provided by vendors and shopkeepers. Hence, this is an environment friendly practice.


  • If we switch off unnecessary lights and fans, we contribute in conserving the energy. Hence, this is an environment friendly practice.


  • If we walk to school instead of getting our mother to drop us on her scooter, we can reduce the use of petrol/diesel in a long run, thus reducing the emission of harmful gases like CO2 and hence contribute in an environment friendly practice.


Hence, all the above mentioned properties contribute to an environment friendly environment.

  1. Class 10
  2. Chapter 15 Class 10 - Our Environment (Term 2)

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