What are trophic levels? Give an example of a food chain and state the different trophic levels in it



The various steps in a food chain at which the transfer of food/energy takes place are called trophic levels.


In a food chain, each step representing an organism forms a trophic level.



In the above food chain

Grasshopper eats grass, frog eats the grasshopper and snake eats the frog



  • Plants are the producers, and represents the first trophic level.
  • Grasshoppers are the primary consumers, and represent the second trophic level.
  • Frogs are the secondary consumers, and represent the third trophic level. 
  • Snakes are the tertiary consumers and represent the fourth trophic level.


  1. Class 10
  2. Chapter 15 Class 10 - Our Environment (Term 2)
Class 10
Chapter 15 Class 10 - Our Environment (Term 2)

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