There are mainly 4 types of musical instruments:

  1. Stringed musical instruments
  2. Wind musical instruments
  3. Membrane Musical Instruments
  4. Plate Type musical instruments


Stringed musical instruments

Stringed musical instrument produces music by a stretched string.

Example - Guitar, Piano, Sitar


Wind musical instruments

Wind musical instrument produces music by vibration of air columns inside them

Example - Flute, Shehnai


Membrane musical instruments

Membrane means a thin skin.

Membrane musical instrument produces music by vibration of thin stretched membranes

Example - Tabla, Drums


Plate type musical instruments

Plate type musical instrument produces music by vibration of thick plates.

Example - Cymbals (Manjira), Jal-tarang


Instrument Name

Parts which Produces Sound


Stretched string


Stretched string


Stretched string


Air Column


Air Column


Stretched Membrane


Stretched Membrane

Cymbals (Manjira)

Plate type


Plate type


Note: When we pluck the string of a guitar, the sound we hear is because of vibration of the whole instrument , not only the string.


NCERT Question 7 - Identify the part which vibrates to produce sound in the following instruments:
(a) Dholak (b) Sitar (c) Flute

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