There are mainly 4 types of musical instruments:

  1. Stringed musical instruments
  2. Wind musical instruments
  3. Membrane Musical Instruments
  4. Plate Type musical instruments


Stringed musical instruments

Stringed musical instrument produces music by a stretched string.

Example - Guitar, Piano, Sitar


Wind musical instruments

Wind musical instrument produces music by vibration of air columns inside them

Example - Flute, Shehnai


Membrane musical instruments

Membrane means a thin skin.

Membrane musical instrument produces music by vibration of thin stretched membranes

Example - Tabla, Drums


Plate type musical instruments

Plate type musical instrument produces music by vibration of thick plates.

Example - Cymbals (Manjira), Jal-tarang


Instrument Name

Parts which Produces Sound


Stretched string


Stretched string


Stretched string


Air Column


Air Column


Stretched Membrane


Stretched Membrane

Cymbals (Manjira)

Plate type


Plate type

Different musical Instuments.jpg

Note: When we pluck the string of a guitar, the sound we hear is because of vibration of the whole instrument , not only the string.


NCERT Question 7 - Identify the part which vibrates to produce sound in the following instruments:
(a) Dholak (b) Sitar (c) Flute

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  1. Class 8
  2. Chapter 13 Class 8 - Sound

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