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Loss or difficulty in hearing is called Hearing Impairment  

It is of different types ​

  • Total hearing Impairment
  • Partial Hearing Impairment

Total hearing Impairment

When a person is not able to hear completely is called Total hearing Impairment

This disability is generally form birth


Those people who are deaf are said to have total hearing impairment


Partial Hearing Impairment

When a person has difficulty in hearing,it is called Partial Hearing Impairment

This disability is generally due to some disease,old age or some injury



In Old age,some persons are not able to hear soft voices.They are able to hear only when spoken to loudly.This is a case of partial hearing impairment due to old age

Why do people who are deaf also have difficulty in speaking?

Because speech develops when we hear a sentence

We are able to speak a sentence only when we have once heard it

Those people who have not heard a sentence do not know how to speak it

How to help patients with hearing impairment

Hearing Aid devices help people hear

These hearing aids amplify the sound(increase the sound volume) and make it easier for people with partial hearing impairment to hear.


Use of Sign Language

We can use sign language to communicate with those people who are not able to hear completely(permanent hearing impairment)


News in SIgn Language is Displayed on Doordarshan

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NCERT Question 3 (g) - Mark True or False

Noise pollution may cause partial hearing impairment. (T/F)

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