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We can control the source of Noise Pollution 

Steps can be taken by Government, Business as well as us for controlling Noise Pollution

How can Government curb Noise Pollution

  • Government can make rules that Factories and Industries should be set up away from residential areas
  • Government shall plant more trees. Trees cut sound and help in reducing Noise Pollution
  • Rules for use of Loudspeakers should be made. They should not be allowed at night

How can Business Control Noise Pollution

  • Silencing Devices(Silencer) should be used In engines,vehicles,aircraft and different appliances
  • They shall set up Factories away from Residential Areas  

How can we control Noise Pollution

  • Running TV and Radio at low volume
  • Use less Horns while driving
  • We should plant more trees.Trees cut sound and help in reducing Noise Pollution
  • We should use Loudspeakers at low volume and should not play music too loudly during parties
  • We should not burst crackers
  • We can turn off appliances which are not in use


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