Presence of Excessive sounds or Unwanted sounds in our environment is called Noise Pollution




What causes Noise Pollution?

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Motor Vehicles on Road

They produce lot of noise because of horns and sound of their engines

Bursting of Crackers

Bursting of crackers on festivals like Diwali produce lot of noise  

Loudspeakers at High Volume

The sound of loudspeakers during election and festivals produce noise pollution

Construction of Building

During construction of building,lot of sound is produced due to different machines(like drilling machines) and use of hammer

Noise Pollution by different Appliances at home

Playing TV and Radio at high volume 

Use of Kitchen Appliances(like Hand Mixer)

Electronic Appliances like desert cooler also produce lot of noise

Sound of Aeroplanes and Helicopters

They produce lot of sound during takeoff and landing


What are the harmful effects of Noise Pollution


Disturbs Sleep

We are not able to sleep at night if there is high noise pollution


Too much noise pollution can cause High BP (High Blood Pressure or Hypertension)

Temporary or Permanent Loss of Hearing

Too much noise pollution can cause temporary or permanent damage to our ears.

We may lose ability to hear

Lack of Concentration

We are not able to concentrate in studies in case there is high noise pollution

Headache and Irritation

Continuous noise can cause headache and irritation



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