What is Music

Sounds which is pleasant to hear is called Music

We like such sounds


  • Sound of a musical instrument like guitar,harmonium
  • Sound of a melodious singer

What is Noise

Sounds which is not pleasant to hear is called Noise

Hence,unpleasant sounds are called Noise

We do not like such sounds


  • Sound of Electrical Appliances like Mixers
  • Sound of Horns of Buses
  • Sound of Construction Activity

Difference between noise and music

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NCERT Question 3 (f) - In the following statements, tick T against those which are true, and F against those which are false:

Unwanted or unpleasant sound is termed as music. (T/F)

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NCERT Question 4 (d) -  Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Unwanted sound is called ..........................

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