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Sound normally travels through air, however it can also travel through liquids and solids

But it does not travel through vacuum


Hence different medium where sound can travel are

  • Solids
  • Liquids
  • Gas

Sound can travel through Solids

Example 1

If we scratch one end of table, it can be heard from other end of table


Example 2

If we put our ear on railway tracks, we can hear approaching train even if it is very far away

Sound can travel through Liquids



We take jar full of water

We put a bell in it

We place our ear near water and ring the bell

We are able to hear the bell

This shows sound can travel through water

Sound can travel through Gases


If 2 people talk, sound travels through air, so we are able to hear


Sound cannot travel through vacuum

If we put our phone in tumbler and ring it, ring can be heard clearly

But if we suck air out of tumbler and then ring it, sound becomes fainter(less)

If we suck all the air, we will not be able to hear anything

This shows sound cannot travel through vacuum



NCERT Question 1 - Choose the correct answer :

Sound can travel through

(a) gases only (b) solids only (c) liquids only (d) solids, liquids and gases

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NCERT Question 3 A - Mark True or False

(a) Sound cannot travel in vacuum. (T/F)

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