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Teachoo.com is a free website to learn CBSE Maths, Accounts Tax GST

Teachoo is pronounced as tea-choo (टीचू)

(Its not Teechu,teechoo,teecho or techoo, its Teachoo)


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Improve your English Communication Skills Free at Englishtan

  • Practice English Speaking  - Record your voice by downloading Englishtan app. One line spoken by app, One by you
  • Resume Help  - Download and Use Format of Resumes & CV
  • Email Help  - Download and Use Format of Emails, Legal Documents
  • Learn Grammar  - Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Tenses, Adjectives etc. in easy language
  • Vocabulary  - Learn New Words and practice for your government and IELTS/TOEFL Exams

CBSE Maths

Free Maths Tuitions for Class 6 to 12 .Free Videos and Solutions


Learn Practical GST in Easy Language prepared by Chartered Accountants

Premium Course

Attend Practical Accounts Tax GST E Filing Training Course

Tax Practical

Get Practical Knolwedge of DIfferent Taxes,Useful for Accountants and Professionals

Taxation for CA, CS, CMA B.Com MCom Exams - May June 2018

Learn Tax for your CA CS CMA B Com Exams free,Easy language and Free Videos

Excel - 2013/2017

Download Free Excel Assigments for Practice. Do by Watching Videos


Learn Basic to Advaned Knowledge of Practical Accounts which is useful in companies job as well as school


Watch Free Videos to Get Good Knowledge of Tally GST Software


Ask your Doubts and Questions free from experts, help others by clearing their doubt

Teach Others

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It is

  • not techno,
  • not techo,
  • not teeku,
  • not tech-u
  • not techo
  • not techoo

  • Its



Our aim is to be a place where someone can learn anything or teach anything.

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