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Practical VAT CST

Also, check Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Free Practical Taxation, Efiling and Online Work Knowledge of  VAT,and CST

Easy notes,charts and examples of Vat/CST are provided for easy understanding


Vat means Value Added Tax and CST means Central Sales Tax

VAT/CST are regularly updated with recent changes and amendments


For every topic in VAT/CST,there are assignments which you can download and do yourselves starting from Basic to Advanced

This will help you update your knowledge , get good job offers and do well in Accounts job Interviews of VAT/CST

 After doing these assignments ,you can check the answers on Teachoo of VAT/CST


Here,main focus is on following

  • Entries in Tally of VAT/CST
  • Computation of VAT/CST
  • Challan of VAT/CST
  • Return of VAT/CST
  • Interview Questions OF vat/cst

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