Just like Vlookup,Hlookup is also used to compile data from different sheets to one sheet


Formula of Hlookup

=hlookup(Select item,Go to Other Sheet Select Area and Press F4,Write Row No of Area,0)


Difference between Vlookup and Hlookup


Full Form is

 Vertical Lookup

Full Form is

Horizontal Lookup

Item to be found is on Left Item to be found is on Right
We Write Column number of Area We Write Row number of Area
We drag down or copy paste downwards We drag down or copy paste on the right
Vlookup searches on Right Side of the item Vlookup searches Downwards of the item



There are data in different sheets about Sales,Item Sold,Sales man name and Tax Rate

Compile data from Different Sheets using Hlookup


For Example

Take Sales in Quantity from Price per Quantity from SALES DETAILS Sheet


Use of Hlookup - Hlookup


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