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Full form  of GST

GST means Goods and Service Tax

It is a tax which has been newly introduced in India


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Is GST a Direct Tax or Indirect Tax?

GST is a Indirect tax as we collect it from customer

What are Direct tax and Indirect tax - Current and Deferred Tax Computation


Why is GST being Introduced

In each state of India,taxes and rules were different

GST will lead to same rates of tax on different state


Taxes Replaced and Not Replaced by GST

It has replaced Indirect taxes like VAT,CST,Excise ,Service Tax etc

However, taxes like Income Tax, Payroll, PF, ESI, will continue.

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Earlier Indirect Tax Before GST




New Indirect Tax After Implementation of GST






When has GST been Introduced?

It has been introduced on 1 July 2017


Different Types of GST

GST was Introduced so that We have common tax for all type of Sales

But Unfortunately One GST is not coming

There are 3  Different GST'S

  1. CGST (Central GST)
  2. SGST (State GST)
  3. IGST (Integrated GST)



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