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Step 4 Balance Sheet Finalization Procedure

We learn process of Balance Sheet Finalization as done in companies. We start with BS Finalization steps to check and then compute depreciation, tax, deferred tax and make the final Balance Sheet.

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Topics in BS Finalization include 

  • Things to be checked - Balance Sheet Finalization and Audit Checklist Steps and Procedure & Ledger Scrutiny Checklist- for Balance Sheet finalization and Audit-How to Check Ledgers
  • Reconciliation Procedure - Bank Reconciliation Procedure, Vendor Reconciliation Procedure (Debtors and Creditor Reconciliation Steps)

  • Depreciation Computation - Depreciation Comparison Companies and Non Companies, Depreciation Methods, Depreciation Rates Comparison

  • Tax And Deferred Taxed Computation - Disallowing Depreciation as per Companies Act, Deferred Tax Basics, Difference between DTA and DTL, Permanent Difference And Timing Differnce, Deferred tax computation format, Income Tax Computation Format For Companies (Amendment)

  • Exporting Data in Excel - Procedure for Exporting Data in Excel for Balance Sheet Finalization
  • Revised Schedule III Balance Sheet - Compulsory requirement of Schedule III Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss as per Schedule III for Trading Companies and Service Providers, Profit and Loss as per Schedule III for Manufacturing Companies (Factories), How to Make Balance sheet as per Schedule III, What is Basic and Diluted EPS ?

We also explain Schedule III of companies act 2013


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Things To Be Checked

Reconciliation Procedure

Depreciation Computation

Tax And Deferred Taxed Computation

Exporting Data in Excel

Revised Schedule III Balance Sheet