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Accounts and Finance

Whether you're new to accounting, or advanced... we've prepared a free Accounts and Finance Course for you.


In this course, you will learn

  • Accounting basics - Debits, Credits, Rules on how to do accounting
  • Passing Routine Entries - like Expense entries, Sales entries, Loan entries...
  • Passing Book Closure Entries  - like Prepaid entries, Accrued Income and Expense entries
  • Finalizing Balance Sheet - Steps, Procedure. How to compute tax
  • Preparing Projections and Budgets - Making Project P&L and Balance Sheet, Loan Chart, Depreciation Chart
  • Fund Flow and Cash Flow - Preparing Fund Flow and Cash Flow Statements
  • Ratio Analysis - Finding Profitability Ratios, Mixed Ratios
  • AP and AR Process - Definition and Explanation
  • How to do Accounting with Taxes - like GST, TDS, TCS, Payroll, Income Tax
  • Accounting Theory - which is useful in School and College Exams


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Step 1 Basic of Accounts - Debits and Credits

Step 2 Passing Routine Entries

Step 3 Passing Book Closure Entries

Step 4 Balance Sheet Finalization Procedure

Step 5 Preparing Projections and Budgets

Step 6 Fund Flow and Cash Flow

Step 7 Ratio Analysis

AP and AR Process

Accounts with Taxes

Accounts Theory