Prepaid Expense means

Expense of future year incurred in current year



Suppose expense of whole year of 12000 paid together together at one time

In this case,amount of prepaid depends upon type of closing 

Monthly Closing

11 month expense is Prepaid


Remaining 1 month is expense


Quarterly Closing

9 month of total amount is Prepaid


Remaining 3 month is expense


Annual Closing

In this case,

Prepaid is 0 

Whole 12000  is expense of current year




When  Bill Received

Exp Dr

Prepaid Exp Dr

     To Party


Party Dr

    To Bank


Entry for write off of Prepaid

Exp Dr

    To Prepaid Exp





Pass Entries assuming monthly closing

1. The company paid Rent for 3 months in Advance on 1 April @ 20000 pm to DLF India ie Rs 60000

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2.Resolve Q1 assuming rent was paid on 5 April

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3. The Company entered into AMC Contract (Annual Maintenance Contract) for its computers of Rs 30000 for whole year with Venus Computer Services from 10 April 2016 to 9 April 2017


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