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Step 4 Balance Sheet Finalization Procedure

Automatic Preparation of PL and BS

After passing all Routine and Book Closure Entries

Trial Balance, Profit and loss and Balance Sheet are automatically prepared by Accounting Software/Tally/Sap etc

We just have to export it in excel for printout.


What are the Files to be Exported?

Normally things to be exported are

  1. Profit and Loss Account (in Detailed Format)
  2. Balance Sheet (in Detailed Format)
  3. List of Different Heads of Balance Sheet

(Like List of Sundry Creditors/Sundry Debtors/Bank Accounts/Loans and Advances Asset/Loans liabilities /Different Provisions and payables)


Procedure to be followed in Tally to Export

  1. Open Data which is to be exported (Ledger/ P&L or Balance Sheet)
  2. Click Export (Shortcut Alt E)
  3. Esc
  4. Select Excel or pdf format
  5. Put File Name Required
  6. Leave other details as it is
  7. Enter Enter or Ctrl A
  8. File Downloaded in Tally folder
  9. (In Tally ERP 9 it is at C:\Program Files\Tally.ERP9 and it automatically opens,

     However in old tally,we have to go manually to Tally folder in C or D drive to open it)





Compiling Different Sheets

All these are to be compiled and put in one excel file

(You can copy paste all exported files into one file)


Formatting Exported files

Some formatting may be required to be done like

  • Putting Company’s Name and Address on Top
  • Putting Authorized Signatory and CA Name at the bottom etc)
  • You can refer Last year Balance Sheet for appropriate formats)


Taking Printout for Signature

After files are formatted, we can take printout of the same.

It is to be signed by

Authorized Signatory (Like Director)


CA (In case audit is compulsory)



(Note :-

In case of Non Companies, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet as exported from Tally are exported as it is

However, in case of Companies, we have to first convert them into Companies Act format called

Schedule III Format (Earlier it was called Revised Schedule VI Format)

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