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Chapter 7 Class 10 Coordinate Geometry

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In Coordinate Geometry of Class 9, we learned what is x and y coordinate of a point. 

In this chapter, we will learn 

  • Coordinates of points in x-axis (x, 0) and y-axis (0, y)
  • How to find distance between two points using Distance Formula
  • Checking if points form a triangle, or an isoceles triangle, or a square, rectangle. (To do this, we need to learn properties of parallelogram)
  • Checking if 3 points are collinear using Distance Formula
  • Finding points equidistant to given points
  • Then, we will learn about Section Formula - Finding coordinates of a point that divides line joining two points in some ratio
  • Finding coordinates of mid-point of a line using Section Formula
  • Finding ratio when coordinates of point of intersection is given
  • Using properties of parallelogram to do some questions on Section Formula (like finding coordinates of a point, when 4 vertices of parallelogram are given)
  • Finding Area of triangle when coordinates of all 3 vertices are given
  • Proving 3 points collinear using Area of Triangle Formula
  • Finding Area of Quadrialteral using Area of Triangle Formula (dividing Quadrilateral into 2 triangles and finding area)


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