Chapter 7 Class 10 Coordinate Geometry

NCERT Solutions of Coordinate Geometry Class 10, Chapter 7 of the NCERT book is provided free of cost for the CBSE Boards.


We studied absicca and ordinate in Coordinate Geometry of Class 9, in addition to plotting points on graph.


In this chapter, we will be studying

  1. Distance formula - Finding distances between two points, and its applications like Checking if points are collinear, and which type of triangle or quadrilateral is formed by a set of points.
  2. Section Formula - Finding ratio in which a point divides a line formed by two points. The applications of the section formula, including finding if a set of points are parallelogram or finding area of rhombus.
  3. Area of triangle - Finding area of triangle formed by 3 points and checking if 3 points are collinear using area of triangle formula.

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