What is Natural Gas

This gas is obtained from under the earth just like petrol

Gas is lighter than petroleum and oil,so it is found at the top

It is compressed and stored under high pressure as fuel called CNG(Compact Natural Gas)

Different uses of Natural Gas

  • It is used as fuel in vehicles (CNG is used in cars,buses etc)
  • It is used in power generation
  • It is used in home for burning and cooking (as it can be transported through pipes)
  • It is used to make different chemicals and fertilizers

Advantages of Using Natural Gas

  • It causes less pollution(it does not produce smoke on burning)
  • It can be easily transported through pipelines and does not require any additional storage and transport
  • It can be directly used for burning and does not need further refining
  • It does not leave any solid residue on burning.It is therefore known as a Clean Fuel



NCERT Question 1 - What are the advantages of using CNG and LPG as fuels?

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NCERT Question 4 (c) - Least polluting fuel for vehicle is _________

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NCERT Question 5 (b) - Tick True/False against the following statements. 

CNG is more polluting fuel than petrol. (T/F)

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