Coal is processed in industries to produce

  • Coke
  • Coal Tar
  • Coal Gas


Let's study them one by one



It is pure form of carbon

It is tough, porous(liquid or air can pass through it) and black in colour


  1. It is used as reducing agent in the extraction of metals
  2. It is used in the manufacturing of steel.
  3. It is used as a fuel


Coal Tar

It is black thick liquid

It is a mixture of 200 different substances like naphthalene,benzene etc


  • It is used to make  synthetic dyes, drugs, explosives, perfumes, plastics, paints, photographic materials 
  • Naphthalene balls which is used to repel moths and other insects is also obtained from coal tar


Coal tar was also used to make roads (to do metalling of roads).But these days, petroleum product bitumen is used to for metalling of roads


Coal Gas

When coal is processed to make coke, coal gas is produced


  • It is used as fuel in many industries
  • It is also used as source of heat and light

How are Coke,Coal Tar and Coal Gas Obtained?

When Coal is heated in absence of air .

  • It produces gas which is called coal gas.
  • It produces liquid which is called coal tar
  • A solid residue is also produced which is called coke

Difference between Coke, Coal Tar and Coal Gas

coal-different-forms---coke,-coal-tar,-coal-gas---teachoo (1).jpg


NCERT Question 7 - Describe characteristics and uses of coke.

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NCERT Question 5 (c) - Tick True/False against the following statements. 

Coke is almost pure form of carbon. (T/F)

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NCERT Question 5 (d) - Tick True/False against the following statements. 

Coal tar is a mixture of various substances. (T/F)

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Coal Solid Liquid Gas Coke Coal tar Coal gas Used to Make Iron and Other Metals Used to Make Dyes Drugs Perfumes Used as fuel in industries

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