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Chapter 5 Class 8 - Coal And Petroleum

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Let's see what we will learn in this chapter -

  • What are natural and manmade resources
  • Exhaustible and Inexhaustible resources
  • What are fossil fuels?
  • What is coal? - It's uses and how is it formed
  • Different Products of Coal - Coke, Coal tar, Coal Gas
  • And, how they are formed, and their uses
  • What is Petroleum, where is it formed and how is it found
  • What is Refining of Petroluem? How is it done
  • What are the different constituents of petroleum, and their uses 
  • What are Petrochemicals, and their uses
  • What is Natural Gas
  • Different uses of Natural Gas
  • What is the advantage of using Natural Gas
  • Why should we use our natural resources judiciously?
  • How to conserve petrol and diesel while driving cars
  • How to conserve fossil fuels generally
  • Why is petroleum called Black Gold


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