Example 12 - Using Identity (II), find (i) (4p - 3q)^2 (ii) (4.9)^2



  1. Chapter 9 Class 8 Algebraic Expressions and Identities
  2. Serial order wise


Example 12 Using Identity (II), find (i) (4π‘βˆ’3π‘ž)^2 (4π‘βˆ’3π‘ž)^2 (π‘Žβˆ’π‘)^2=π‘Ž^2+𝑏^2βˆ’2π‘Žπ‘ Putting π‘Ž = 4𝑝 & 𝑏 = 3π‘ž = (4𝑝)^2+(3π‘ž)^2βˆ’2(4𝑝)(3π‘ž) = (4^2×𝑝^2 )+(3^2Γ—π‘ž^2 )βˆ’(2Γ—4Γ—3)Γ—(π‘Γ—π‘ž) = πŸπŸ”π’‘^𝟐+πŸ—π’’^πŸβˆ’πŸπŸ’π’‘π’’

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