Example 1

Ranbir is tall

Hritik is taller than Ranbir

Khali is the tallest


'tall' is the adjective

In second line,'taller' is comparative form of adjective

In third line,'tallest' is the superlative form of adjective

Example 2

In my family,all people are fat

I am fatter than my father

Actually,I am the fattest in the family


'fat' is the adjective


In second line,'fatter' is comparative form of adjective

In third line,'fattest' is the superlative form of adjective

When are Comparative Adjectives used?

It is used to make comparison between 2 nouns or pronouns


When are Superlative Adjectives used?

It is used to find best (or amongst) a group

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'Second' and 'Third' similar

Adjectives Comparatives Superlatives
Bad worse worst
Good better best
little less least
much (many) more most
far further furthest


Add More and Most with words

Adjectives Comparatives Superlatives
Embarrassed more embarrassed
most embarrassed
Immense more immense most immense
Nervous more nervous most nervous
beautiful more beautiful most beautiful
respectable more respectable
most respectable


In second form we add 'er' and In third form we add 'est'

Adjectives Comparatives Superlatives
Dark dark er dark est
Tall tall er tall est
New new er new est
fat fatt er fatt est
high high er high est


In second form we add 'ier' and In third form we add 'iest'

Adjectives Comparatives Superlatives
happy happ ier happ iest
busy bus ier bus iest
bossy boss ier boss iest
funny funn ier funn iest
Dirty dirt ier dirt iest


It is ........... but the other one is........

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This is the ............ present I ever received

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He is ..... but there are many people who are ............ than him

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We are 3 brothers. I have 2 elder siblings so I am the ........... one

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The movie was ........ It was actually the ........... movie I had ever seen

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I had a ......... day as I lost my watch.But I had faced many ........... days

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The ......... the person ........ he is

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Please do this work before that one.This work is ...............

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It is a ............ journey. It will take 2 hours ........ than the last one

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Convert into Superlative

I am good

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She is beautiful girl

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He was a smart man

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She is a famous celebrity from Bollywood

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The room is dirty

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The water in the pool is cold

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Dubai is a hot city

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Mr Bean is funny

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