What are Synonyms?

Similar word is called Synonyms


Important (जरूरी) Essential (आवश्यक)
Good (अच्छा) Excellent (अति उत्कृष्ट)
Stupid (बेवकूफ) Dumb (मूर्ख)
Irrelevant (व्यर्थ) Useless (निकम्मा)
Complete (पूर्ण) Perfect (उत्तम)
Bad (खराब) Inferior (रद्दी)
Interesting (दिलचस्प) Fascinating (चित्त आकर्षण करनेवाला)
Exact (सटीक) Specific (विशिष्ट)
Awful (भयंकर) Horrible (भयंकर)
Common (सामान्य) Boring (बोरिंग)
Suitable (उपयुक्त) Uniform (वर्दी)
Break (टूटना) fracture (टूटना)
Mark (निशान) label (लेबल)
Destroy (नष्ट) ruin (बर्बाद)
Amazing (गजब) Incredible (अतुल्य)
Beautiful (सुंदर) Gorgeous (भव्य)
Cut (कट गया) Chop (काटना)
End (समाप्त) Terminate (बर्खास्त)
Explain (समझाना) Elaborate (विस्तृत)
Fast (तेज) Quick (शीघ्र)
Idea (विचार) Thought (विचार)
Little (थोड़ा) Tiny (बहुत छोटा)
Wrong (गलत) Incorrect (गलत)
selection (चुनाव) choice (पसंद)
signal (संकेत) sign (चिह्न)
stupid (बेवकूफ) silly (मूर्खतापूर्ण)
non-stop (बिना रुके) continuous (निरंतर)
object (वस्तु) thing (चीज़)


He is stupid and.........

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He is smart and .,,,,,

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India is an incredible country. You get to see some .........places

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He brought a knife to cut the vegetables. He........ all of them in minutes

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I saw a little squirrel. It had ......... hands

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Khali is a giant man. He has ........hands

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He ran fast and .........threw the ball

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Please tell me the exact problem you are facing. Be ...... and to the point

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