They are normally of following types

      By Making Completely Different Word'

  • Boy – Girl 
    (लड़का – लड़की)

  • Brother – Sister 
    (भाई – बहन)

  • Dog − Bitch
    (कुत्ता − कुतिया)

  • Father – Mother
    (पापा − मम्मी)

  • King − Queen
    (राजा − रानी)  

    By Adding Some Characters/(Sylable)
  • Lion − Lioness
    (शेर − शेरनी)

  • Manager – Manageress
    (प्रबंधक − प्रबंधिका)

  • Founder − Foundress
    (संस्थापक − संस्थापिक)

  • Poet − Poetess
    (कवि − कवित्री)

  • Prince − Princess
    (राजकुमार − राजकुमारी)

    First Word is Common
  • Hero – Heroine
    (अभिनेता − अभिनेत्री) 

  • Grandfather − Grandmother 
    (दादा − दादी)

  • Salesman − Saleswoman
    (बेचनेवाला − बेचनेवाली)

  • Fox − Vixen
    (लोमड़ी − लोमड़ी (स्त्री)

  • Milkman − Milkwoman
    (दूधवाला − दूधवाली)



Sometimes Male Female are Common like

Parent, child, friend, pupil, servant, thief, relation, enemy, cousin, person, orphan, student, baby, monarch, neighbour, infant.



Male Female can be both called human beings

boy and girl can be both called child

School boy and School girls can both called Students

New born boy and New born girl can both be called infants

Men and Women who live nearby are called neighbours

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