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Theorem 9.3 - Class 9th - Triangles same base & equal areas lie between the same parallels - Triangles with same base & same parallel lines

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  1. Chapter 9 Class 9 Areas of parallelograms and Triangles
  2. Serial order wise
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Theorem 9.3 Two triangles having the same base (or equal bases) and equal areas lie between the same parallels. Let us now take some examples to illustrate the use of the above results. Given : Δ ABC and Δ ABD are two triangles on same base AB such that 𝑎r (∆ ABC) = 𝑎r (∆ ABD). Join CD To Prove : CD ∥ AB Construction : Draw the altitudes of ∆ ABC and ∆ABD through C and D and meeting base at E and F respectively Proof: Since CE ⊥ AB & DF ⊥ AB Since, lines perpendicular to same line are parallel to each other. ∴ CE ∥ DF Now, Since 𝑎r (∆ABC) = 𝑎r (∆ABD) ∴ CF = DF Now, In CDFE, CE ∥ DF & CE = DF Since one pair of opposite sides is equal and parallel Hence, CDFE is parallelogram So, CD ∥ EF ∴ CD ∥ AB Hence, Proved

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