To which one of the following types of vegetation does rubber belong to?

(a) Tundra

(b) Tidal

(c) Himalayan

(d) Tropical Evergreen




  • The following major types of vegetation may be identified in our country

(i) Tropical Evergreen Forests

(ii) Tropical Deciduous Forests

(iii) Tropical Thorn Forests and Scrubs

(iv) Montane Forests

(v) Mangrove Forest

Let’s Check all the options-

  • (a) Tundra -  composed of dwarf shrubs, sedges, grasses, mosses, and lichens .

  • (b) Tidal- Tidal vegetation sequesters carbon at a rate 2 – 4 times greater than tropical forests , reducing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere and helping to mitigate climate change.

  • (c) Himalayan-   broadly classified into four types— tropical, subtropical, temperate, and alpine —each of which prevails in a zone determined mainly by elevation and precipitation.

  • (d) Tropical Evergreen - Tropical Evergreen forests are r estricted to heavy rainfall areas and rubber is found here.

So, the correct option is (d).

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