Match the following:

Column I

Column II

a. Coniferous forests

I. Biosphere Reserves

b. Sal

II. Collective term for the species of animals in a particular region

c. Himalayas

III. Tropical Deciduous

d. Nanda Devi

IV. Yak

e. Fauna

V. Evergreen cone-bearing trees

a. (a)-(iv); (b)-(iii); (c)-(v); (d)-(i); (e)-(ii) 

b. (a)-(i); (b)-(iii); (c)-(v); (d)-(iv); (e)-(ii) 

c. (a)-(v); (b)-(i); (c)-(iv); (d)-(ii); (e)-(iii) 

d. (a)-(v); (b)-(iii); (c)-(iv); (d)-(i); (e)-(ii) 



Let’s check all the options:

  • (a) Coniferous Forest matches with (v) evergreen cone bearing trees. So, (a) matches with (v)
  • (b) Sal matches with (iii) tropical deciduous.So, (b) matches with (iii)
  • (c) Himalayas matches with (iv) yak.So, (c) matches with (iv)
  • (d) Nanda devi matches with (i) Biosphere reserve. So, (d) matches with (i)
  • (e) Fauna matches with (ii) collective term for the species of animals in a particular region. So, (e) matches with (ii)

So, the correct option is (d) - (a)-(v); (b)-(iii); (c)-(iv); (d)-(i); (e)-(ii) 

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