What are the similarities between colonial management of the forests in Bastar and in Java?



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Similarities between colonial management of the forests in Bastar and in Java :

  1. In Java and Bastar, forest laws have been passed.

  2. Villagers have less access to the woodlands because of these rules.

  3. Only specific forests could be harvested under strict control for wood.

  4. Villagers were fined for illegally accessing woodlands and taking wood items.

  5. The peasants were given permission to enter woodlands and collect forest goods.

  6. A forest service existed in both.

  7. Both practices were part of the scientific forestry system.

  8. The Forest Acts caused the peasants great difficulty in both locations . Their regular activities, such as gathering wood for their homes, grazing their cattle, gathering fruits and roots, and going hunting and fishing, were now forbidden.

  9. People started to be harassed by constables and forest guards.
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