• Colonialism and the Forest Society will lead you into the forest.

  •  It discusses the expansion of cities and industries, ships and railroads, as well as the rising need for wood and other forest products.

  •  It discusses new regulations for forest use, innovative methods for organising the forest, colonial control, and the mapping, classification, and development of plantations of trees.

  • Talk about diversity

  • Ecosystems are constantly changing and species are always disappearing as environmental conditions change and they are no longer able to survive . This is a natural process, but it happens over long periods of time allowing new species to evolve and keep ecosystems functioning.

  • A lot of this diversity is fast disappearing. Between 1700 and 1995, the period of industrialisation, 13.9 million sq km of forest or 9.3 per cent of the world’s total area was cleared for industrial uses, cultivation, pastures and fuelwood.
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