Match the following:

Column-I  Column-II
(a) 1907-1908 (i) Forest divided into three categories
(b) Deforestation (ii) Community of skilled Forest Cutters
(c) 1864 (iii) Bastar Rebellion
(d) 1878 Act (iv) Setting of the Indian Forest Service
(e) Kalangs of Java (v) Cleaning of trees

a. (a)-(ii); (b)-(v); (c)-(iv); (d)-(i); (e)-(iii) 

b. (a)-(iii); (b)-(v); (c)-(iv); (d)-(i); (e)-(ii) 

c. (a)-(i); (b)-(iv); (c)-(v); (d)-(iii); (e)-(ii) 

d. (a)-(iii); (b)-(iv); (c)-(ii); (d)-(i); (e)-(v) 



Let’s check all the options:

  • (a) 1907-1908 matches. - People began to gather and discuss these issues in their village councils, in bazaars, and at festivals or wherever the headmen and priests of several villages were assembled. So, (a) matches with (iii)

  • (b) Deforestation matches with (v) clearling of forests .- The disappearance of forests is referred to as deforestation.

  • (c) 1864 matches with (iv) setting of the India Forest service. - Brandis set up the Indian Forest Service in 1864 and helped formulate the Indian Forest Act of 1865.

  • (d) 1874 Act matches with (i) forest divided into three categories .- The 1878 Act divided forests into three categories : reserved, protected, and village forests . The best forests were called ‘reserved forests.

  • (e) Kalangs of Java matches with (ii) community of skilled forest cutters- The Kalanga of Java were a community of skilled forest cutters and shifting cultivators.Without their expertise, it would have been difficult to harvest teak and for the kings to build their palaces.

So the correct option is (b)- (a)-(iii); (b)-(v); (c)-(iv); (d)-(i); (e)-(ii)

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